White Water

13 Acres of Waterpark Fun!

Set in the middle of town, the water park boasts more than 13 acres of fun – with rides, slides, pools, shopping, and dining all in one place!

More than 2 million gallons of water can be found at the various attractions, activities, and rides – so there’s plenty for the everyone to have some fun in the sun

Prices Include Tax!

Kalani Towers

Start your race as you freefall more than 75′ (7 stories) as you travel along the 300′ long slides that make one of the fastest slides in the country, where you reach speeds up to 40 mph!

Aloha River
Know by many as the “Lazy River,” this South Pacific-themed relaxation pool carries a 300,000-gallon current that whisks you in relaxation around the park.

Wave Pool
The waterpark’s centerpiece, the wave pool holds 500,000 gallons of water that erupt with monster waves throughout the day!

Pipeline Plunge
Race against your friends as you hop on a mat toward the finish-line, where three riders can compete at once!

Coconut Cove
Built just for the youngest ones in the group, this special kids’ area offers up fun slides, water guns, and more that the little ones are sure to love!

Ohana Falls
Twist and turn through the rapids aboard your own tube as you splash your way down the slider!

Raging River Rapids
Speed down the slides with one of the most fun double speed slides of its kind!

Food & Concessions On-Site

So much fun all day is sure to work up an appetite, luckily there are a half-dozen food and snack options that offer everything from pizza to ice cream!

Private Cabanas Available

If you’re looking to beat the heat and relax in style, you might want to check out one of the White Water cabanas – which provide luxury for your time at the water park.