The Johnson Strings

See The Johnson Strings perform a wide array of songs, compositions, and gospels. Having over one hundred years of professional training under the belts of just the siblings is a sure sign that these good folks will provide audiences with splendid pieces.

Putting a modern spin on all the works they perform will ensure that you are not just seeing each of the songs and pieces performed by a new group of people, but also seeing them performed with a whole new energy and feeling behind it.

This family has been blessed with a pension for singing and instrument playing that only God himself could provide. This family has a wide range of talents, and they want to share some of them with audiences to help spread joy and the word of God.

Audiences will be graced with great renditions of some of the best classical pieces, gospel songs, ragtime hits, patriotic numbers, and so much more when they attend this enchanting show.

Make sure to catch this great performance when you head to Branson next, and you won't be disappointed. Book your reservations soon!

Performing at the Majestic Theater. Prices Include Tax.