The Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed

If you are in the mood for world class magic while you are in the Branson area, you will not want to miss out on the mesmerizing Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed. With almost four decades of experience, Taylor Reed will entertain you with his masterful illusions and magic tricks that will leave you amazed and entranced.

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The show is enhanced by brilliant costumes, fun story lines, wonderful sets and musical elements, and even a little poodle that assists with some of the tricks. This high energy show will delight those of all ages, making this a wonderful show for families as well as couples. Reserve your seats at the Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed show today!

As well as amazing illusions and more, there are also plenty of opportunities for guests to enjoy story telling and set their eyes on colorful costumes and original, unique performances.

With a wide resume of fantastic shows and expertly crafted magic, Taylor has traveled all throughout the United States for 15 years. As he has honed his career in magic, he has also been awarded several accolades. Some of the givers of these awards include the Las Vegas Review Journal and Branson Missouri Daily Independent.

As well as many mentions in media, he also has a star-studded cast of performance partners. Just a few of the stars he has performed aside include Jim Ed Brown, Roy Head, Chubby Checker, Billy "Crash" Craddock, and more. Just a few of his famous viewers also include Mike Tyson, Tony Danza, and Carrot Top.

Now, he heads to Branson where his headlining show is a crowd favorite. The show is absolutely spectacular and demands the attention of all who see it. From magical events to fire eating and more, this fantastic performance is one that you must see.