Prince Ivan

Meet "Prince Ivan," your new favorite music group in Branson! They deliver a concert style performance with a sound that's uniquely their own, including creative covers and mash-ups of popular songs. Comprised of Aaron Ellsworth and Brett Brothers, Garon and Brydon, "Prince Ivan's" fresh, yet familiar, sound will appeal to the entire family!

You can’t quite pin them down to simply being a Top 40 sounding band; they’ve blended different styles - progressive, current, throwback - into one unique and exciting sound that’s purely “Prince Ivan!”

Come to Branson for all the wonderful shows featuring every genre and era of music imaginable, and make sure you see the one show that simply can’t be labeled; come to Branson and experience the excitement that is “Prince Ivan!”

Performing at the Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre

Prices include all taxes.