Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure

Nestled high up on a hill sits The Butterfly Palace and Rain forest Adventure in Branson, MO. Walk among thousands of live tropical butterflies imported from exotic rain forests all over the world, fluttering right before your very eyes! Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience at this unique attraction!

Exotic Butterfly Aviary

Whether you choose a peaceful stroll down the winding paths of the beautiful, tropical aviary or gearing -up in a real Pith Helmet, kid-sized binoculars and magnifying glass (all provided), be prepared to be amazed at these fluttering jewels. The exotic butterflies are imported and under strict USDA control and are found in precious few collections around the world. Your time in the aviary will seem even more amazing as you discover our unique collection of birds and other exotic, botanical specimens. Whether you choose a slow, relaxing time in the aviary or you are a “serious exploring scientist”, you will not be disappointed. Remember the Butterfly Aviary is a dream for photographers. So do not forget your camera!

Living Rainforest Science Center

The Living Rainforest Science Center is a favorite of all our guests. Everyone loves to look but looking and “doing” is even more fun. Inside the Living Rainforest Center we house genuine rainforest inhabitants. Visitors are treated to close-up views of vividly-colored poison dart frogs, salamanders, geckos and even giant cockroaches. This exciting, interactive learning environment is sure to bring out the child in everyone. Get a really close view of specimens at the light microscope display or take a peek inside a frog with the virtual dissection kiosk. There is as much to learn here in the Living Rainforest as there is to enjoy! Before you leave make sure you meet, Harry, our blue-tongued skink! He loves to greet all our visitors!

Single Issue Tickets are valid any day of travel, excluding: Thanksgiving & Christmas day.

Hours of Operation: 9am - 5pm

Prices include all applicable tax.