Absolutely Country, Definitely Gospel

Branson’s “Absolutely Country, Definitely Gospel Lunch Show” is a glorious journey through some of country and gospel music’s best, presented with that irresistible country sound! Join Faith’s Journey as they share beloved gospel music and country songs like Eastern Gate and Coalminer’s Daughter, sending your spirits soaring and warming your heart and soul. Looking for that perfect blend of country voices, great gospel music and a delicious lunch? Look no further than Branson’s own “Absolutely Country, Definitely Gospel,” it’s the show that was custom made just for you!

Located at Jackie B. Goode's Uptown Cafe. Prices include tax a meal. Show & Meal are at 2PM.

Lunch Menu:

-Choice of Steakburger or Pork Tenderloin

-Choice of French Fries or Home Made Chips

-Soup served with Grille Cheese or Side Salad.

-Iced Tea, Coffee, Water